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Brushes are personal like many of the tools we use.  My oldest brushes ; ones that have stood the test of time are the Series 7 , Da Vinci, and Escoda.  No matter how much I beat them up, they seem to return to their former after a little cleaning with Masters Brush Cleaner.


My current setup for airbrushing utilizes all Patriot 105 airbrushes all setup differently.  One with a fine conversion for detail and another left with stock parts for general duty such as varnishing and priming. I like this setup because the weight and tactile feel doesn’t change. Only the spray pattern.


I started airbrushing with a hobby grade Paashe Compressor that cost about $100.  It lasted a year of heavy abuse.  When it died, I decided to grab a more professional compressor.  I liked this one specifically because of the 2 regulators.  I typically airbrush at 25psi and 15psi.  With this I can set the 2 hoses to different settings and simply switch depending on what I’m doing.  The 2 liter tank also helps to keep the moisture down by allowing the compressed air to cool a bit.





  1. I want to know wich aircompresor buy!

  2. Just wanted to know why you don't recommend a setup where the compressor fills a tank of at least 15gal to keep the air to the gun cool. Doesn't these units pump hot air if you use them for hours on end? thx!

  3. Look at the price difference in the two compressors. I think Les is trying to give options for those with less funds.


  4. Great article with excellent idea! I appreciate your post. I like ur blog nd thank u..!!!!

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